The only private and personalized yoga sessions in your city offering techniques for well-being…

Q: What can I expect in a therapeutic private yoga session?

A: Expect to move away from your habits and into conscious living. This allows us to work together no matter WHAT stage of life you are in. You are showing up to change something—a shift physically, mentally, or emotionally. Logistically you can expect…

  • 60 minute yoga practice 100% specialized for you

  • Use of blocks, yoga chair, straps, and sandbags

  • Emphasis on breath techniques and other guided meditations

  • Introspective work

Q: How is a therapeutic yoga session different from a group class at my local studio?

A: This session will be 100% directed toward what you need. The postures, breath work, and meditations are all geared toward moving you into a place of overall well-being vs. being in a generalized setting. You will also receive a post-script PDF detailing how you can keep the progress alive outside of our time together.

Q: What if I have never done yoga?

A: Great, less alignment habits we have to work around! Learning yoga can seem intimidating at first, luckily I am very passionate about working with brand new yoga students.

Q: Do you use adjustments or assists in a private session?

A: Absolutely. Read these words from an inspiring studio we look up to—

”A physical adjustment can be more powerful than an assist or verbal cue because an adjustment informs one's direction, vision, and experience; cajoling us to relinquish what we do “naturally" to a more ideal form, facilitating the optimal functioning of our organs -- flushing of a kidney, stretching a liver, opening a lung. Working in this way is much like following a recipe, a formula, a magical spell, a musical score to get a specific and desired outcome, rather than making it up or winging it, hoping for results.”

Q: How often should I schedule sessions?

A: “It takes an incredible amount of effort to become effortless.” If you want to move out of your habits faster, schedule and practice through more sessions. The goal is for you to need me less and depend on your own abilities more!

Word on the street—

“Nikki has a gift for holding space. She is able to immediately connect with you and support you through her rich education, gentle guidance and intentional practices. I have practiced and taught yoga for years and haven’t truly felt yoga and breath in my body until my Ultra Dose session. She is healing others which is creating a groundswell of healing amongst us all.” —Katie, Her Turn Co.

“I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain for YEARS. This was the first time I felt like I got some actual relief and realistic steps I can take at home to continue to improve. Nikki truly customized my session to my exact needs. I am so grateful to have found her!” —Amanda

“While initially a 1:1 felt “too indulgent” to schedule, the reminder that self care is a necessity reminded me to prioritize myself from Nikki’s Instagram was the push I needed. I would absolutely encourage anyone to try this opportunity & hope to schedule more in the future for myself.  Her approach was unique, supportive & oh so educational-loved it.” —Abby