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Unlocking 🔑 a Home Practice

The key to unlocking a meaningful and powerful home practice is to learn the techniques and tools that will SERVE you instead of you SERVING the idea of them.

In this virtual immersion, learn and be held ACCOUNTABLE for creating a self-regulating home practice that only requires 10 minutes a DAY. We will use each week as a new opportunity to master and create consistent and persistent wellbeing—unlocking a new level of joy in your life. Only you hold the key!

Instead of setting goals that are defeating, we begin small and build our confidence. Home practices. If you are willing to show up and readjust when need be, it will be the greatest exploration of self-regulation, soothing, and refining.

Before this program you will complete a short (30 question) survey that will determine the type of home practice we focus on together. You will be added to a private instagram page where we post daily, share our insights, and ask questions (having unlimited access to me for the entire month.)

This is where our meditation, breath-work, yoga demos, and support will take place! All saved conveniently for you to access on your OWN TIME.

For $275 you will receive—
+ Weekly PDF’s with daily journaling, meditation, and home practice techniques
+ Copy of, Home Practice by esteemed teacher, Abbie Galvin sent to your home ($30 value)
+ A home yoga practice tailored to your needs
+ Infographics on how to incorporate props
+ Pranayama and breath work videos for when you need to start the fire or soothe the soul
+ Structure to create your OWN home practice that can be at least 10 mins and also span 60 mins (for those lavish days with extra time.)
+ Accountability group in a private instagram page, bond and share your experiences with other likeminded students learning to be consistent!
+ Unlimited access to me for all yoga, meditation, and wellbeing questions.

Sign up before October 1st and you will be sent two sandbag’s for your home practice— uhm, hello weighted blanket feels


This course is largely inspired by my teachers, Josie Schweitzer of The Space Columbus and Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center. Eternally grateful for their teachings, support, and continued inspiration to explore my own inner terrain.

KATONAH YOGA ® is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center over 40 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination — in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being.

Framing the practice, maps of time and personal space are defined and refined. Themes using asana as origami, manipulating form for function, and developing a sense of personal measure are incorporated in Katonah Yoga practices. Katonah Yoga is organized around three principles of esoteric dialogue: all polarities are mediated by trinity; the universe has pattern, pattern belies intelligence; by virtue of repetition there is potential for insight. Disciplined techniques are organized for revelation through revolutions.

Magic Square Logo © 2016 Katonah Yoga Center, Inc. Illustration by Nevine Michaan and Susan Fierro.

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