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Chiropractic Care

Great Lakes Health & Wellness is dedicated to helping you create MORE for your life. Located in Westlake and with a private office in Strongsville Ohio. Head in to see Dr. Bob & Dr. Amy! Health & Wellness - Chiropractic - Corrective Spinal Care - Medical Massage - Nutrition & Supplementation - Give them a call (440)895-3500

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Community Oriented + Safe Alignment based Yoga

Citizen Yoga in Cleveland (I am biased as I work here and teach therapeutic classes here.)

“What we do, we do well. We move confidently together in the flow of practice and from this togetherness we create a space to be authentic in our struggles and our moments of joy. Join us — you will build a practice that lasts a lifetime, find physical and energetic alignment, and forge connections bound by breath.”

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Katonah Yoga in Ohio / Midwest

Practicing at The Space in Columbus Ohio is worth the trip. The Space offers group yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and more. “Our yoga pulls from different practices and lineages, such as Vinyasa, Hatha, and Katonah Yoga, a practice steeped in pranayama, sacred geometry, and Taoist Theory. We believe that by weaving together different influences, we create a better foundation for optimal health and well being. What we offer is always evolving, as we are evolving. Our teachers at The Space are encouraged to teach their own unique style. making each class a well informed and transformative experience.”

This is the studio to learn as a student and gain more as a TEACHER.