Once upon a time, in a land far far away, I was a High School English teacher. Now I am right here making my own rules and passionately teaching you how to feel more powerful in your body through personal practices.

Combining my skills as an educator, mentor, and therapeutic specialist, I’m here to make well-being accessible to anyone. It’s not for everyone…but it can be done by anyone. At any age, in any body.

Drawing from my teachers and influences (Katonah Yoga, Josie Schweitzer, and the powers of my own introspection) I hope to offer a well-rounded dose of education that helps you feel more confident and powerful in your own body.

The Ultra Dose is my gift to the world—having your back and teaching you how to have your own. It is a therapeutic yoga experience that teaches you how to flip the script for a dose of well-being and personal power.

Finally, something in your city that makes yoga personal and powerful.

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Trainings + Experience—
2012: Prana Yoga 200 hr. ryt
2015: Girlvana Yoga
2018: Citizen Yoga Academy
2018: Yoga Medics Therapeutics 200 hr. ryt
2019: The Space Columbus 300 hr. ryt
2019: Katonah Yoga continued ed.