What is The Ultra Dose?

First off, this isn’t your typical yoga class. We are a health & well-being company that makes therapeutic yoga sessions personal and powerful. We believe that yoga and self-care SHOULD be personal—not commercial.

It all started when…

I (Nikki Lang, founder) took my first YogaMedics therapeutic yoga class. After teaching hot yoga for 8 years in Cleveland, I knew I had to make a shift towards a more accessible—and powerful—practice to offer my students. Enter: Yoga therapeutics. After 700 more additional hours of yoga training, I founded The Ultra Dose in Cleveland Ohio. Drawing influence from my teachers (Katonah Yoga, Josie Schweitzer, & more) The Ultra Dose has been offering relief and powerful practices to students in Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron, and Pittsburgh ever since!

We work with…

Students of all abilities and ages in an environment they are most comfortable in. Our sessions are 1:1 or small group so that all students can leave feeling empowered, cared for, and educated. We make these yoga experiences accessible, personal, and educational so that the student eventually becomes the master of their own habits and body.

Can I be new, injured, or have discomfort and still participate?

Absolutely. Our therapeutic practices can help soothe the body and teach you how to keep discomfort at bay (without the use of pain killers.) Brand new students, injured, or “stiff” students are our favorite type of practitioners—don’t be shy, let’s work with where you’re at.

What does, “Flip the Script” mean?

When studying yoga therapeutics through YogaMedics in Detroit, I learned that one of the leading causes of opioid addiction was from prescription pain medication. Studies are now emerging showing how powerful yoga & therapeutics are—proving that they are the more sustainable and ethical solution compared to pain pills (and the inevitable addiction that follows.)

Flip the Script is our motto—teaching you how to flip your “inner scrip” of limiting beliefs, habits, and actions that hold you back from your highest potential.

More importantly it represents a rebellious effort to eliminate opioid overdoses in our communities by offering a holistic and equally powerful relief system—therapeutic yoga and self-care. We understand we aren’t for everyone—but we will continue to teach in a way where ANYONE can benefit from these techniques.